Automatic vs Manual Garage Doors

There are two kinds of garage doors, automatic and manual. There are reasons for having both, and both can have their advantages and disadvantages. But, put quite simply, an automatic door is much easier to have and operate than the other.

Automatic doors are easily opened with a touch of a button. Most of the time these doors have a button that opens them on the visor of a car door, which, when you get close to home, you simply push the button for just one moment and the door opens up slowly and carefully, and you drive right on in.

This is convenient when there is rainy weather or for those that live in climates that is snowy. It takes you out of the elements. A very easy way to enter your home. In addition, automatic doors can come equipped with numeric key pads that can be mounted on the outside of the home next to the door and can be operated with a code that only the owner of the home would know. This is a good fail-if the button from the inside of the vehicle either becomes broken or misplaced.

Manual doors have a distinct advantage over automatic ones. If in fact for some reason the automatic door becomes broken down or jammed where it does not open, you are left out either in the cold or the rain with no way to open it. Very inconvenient.

Manual doors have no motors or chain drives that can jam. Simply grab the handle at the bottom of the door and lift it up slowly until it opens. No worries about jamming or being left out in the cold except for just a moment when you are lifting it. Both are great to have, and it just depends on the type of door you want to fit your personality.



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