Features of Commercial Roll-Up Garage Doors

Commercial roll-up garage doors provide several features and benefits you will not get with your average garage door models. They provide superior protection from the outdoors, have no outward swing and make the most economical use of space. Prior to making a purchase, however, you will need to consider your commercial requirements. We are going to go through the common features and explain exactly what they are to assist your selection process.

Manner of operation: Garage doors can be hand-cranked or pushed up manually. There are also slightly more expensive models that offer motor and chain-based operation. This is preferable for heavier models so keep that in mind, as cheaper units often do not have this as standard.

Wind Load: Live in an area prone to heavy winds or severe weather? If this is the case then the unit’s wind load is extremely important. So-called “add on” models can handle extreme weather conditions provided that you use posts to reinforce the unit before the storm hits. On the other hand, “storm ready” varieties do not require any additional work.

Material: Standard roll-up garage doors will feature steel as the main material used.

Locks: Again, this is an important element to consider when reviewing your options. Does your selected model offer padlock protection, slide bolt or a wall mounted chain keeper?

Operation speed: You need to think what you will be storing behind your roll-up garage door. If temperature or air flow control is critical, then you need to opt for special doors that can operate more than twice as fast as regular models (in other words, around 2 ft./second).

We hope this review of the essential features of commercial roll-up garage doors has been useful. Keep in mind what your exact commercial requirements are prior to purchase and make your selection based on these, rather than price or convenience.


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