Sectional Garage Doors: Benefits

Sectional garage doors have a wide array of benefits over single panel doors. They are normally made of six to eight panels. The doors occupy a smaller amount of space as compared to monolithic doors. They may be made from aluminum, steel, cooper, glass, vinyl or wood.  Where space is a problem, sectional doors are a perfect solution. They open and close vertically leaving enough space for parking. Throughout this article, various benefits of these doors over the conventional garage doors will be discussed.


One of the sectional garage door benefits is the security it provides to the garage space and items in it. The door is almost impossible to break because of the panel that overlap the openings and sit in the guides. The security provided by these doors is further enhanced by the absence of handles. Therefore, these doors have no leverage points. Insulated sectional doors are even stronger owing to the 2 steel skins and a much ticker panel.

Vertical Lift

Modern sectional garage doors open and close vertically without a kick out. This is an advantage over the traditional doors as it saves on garage space. Instead of kicking out at the bottom during opening, like the traditional garage doors, sectional garage doors rise vertically within runners. This is beneficial as it allows for parking of cars too close to the door and generally saves on garage space. Again, the vertical opening is an advantage if the garage opens into a street because it does not require any space outside for it to open.

Energy Efficiency

Insulated sectional garage doors are excellent heat insulators. They prevent heat from escaping from the garage. This is an important aspect of the doors as they regulate temperature within the garage space. Initially popular in the US and Europe, garage doors have gained popularity across the globe, primarily because of the benefits they present. They boost security of the garage, save on space and preserve energy.

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