Why Are Garage Door Springs Dangerous

Why are garage door springs dangerous? This is a question that every home owner should ask him/herself. As a home owner, you have the responsibility of taking care of your property; ensuring that they are not only safe, but also in good condition. What controls the opening, or raising and lowering of your garage door are the springs (garage door springs), which most people tend to pay little attention to.

Without proper care and maintenance to the springs, they become very dangerous. They will wear out and probably sent flying. This might cause injuries to whoever it will hit or on the other hand, the door might slam on someone’s head killing
him/her instantly. It is also important that you know the garage door safety tips on repair or replacement, as it is equally dangerous if done wrongly and without necessary caution.

Garage door springs are usually under too much tension from the weight of the garage doors, which can weigh up to 550 pounds that they have to lift. These springs are of two types, extension and torsion springs. Torsion springs-they are mounted on the wall above the door and have pipe shafts running through them. It is important that they be wound using steel bars that are cold and rolled, and never long screw drivers.

This is because the high pressure they are under might cause the screw driver to be ejected at a very high speed, therefore a potential danger due to its sharp end. Cases of the screw driver having to be driven out of a concrete wall with a harmer due to that have been reported; not to mention the level of injuries caused those who were using them.

Extension springs- these springs run parallel to tracks, which the garage doors roll on. They can only be changed when the garage door is in an open position. Caution should be taken never to attempt replacing them with the garage doors down, as they are located below the door, ensuring that the opening or closing of the door is done properly.

They might not be as dangerous are torsion springs, but failure to follow this safety measure might result to you getting injured. It is therefore important that it has a safety cable going through its center and secured to the wall. This is meant to hold the spring in place in case it breaks, and thus not sent flying.

It is therefore of importance that in case you want to carry out a spring repair or replacement, you contact a trained technician, since he bares all the qualifications and has in his finger tips all the safety tips necessary for the job.

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