How to Install a Garage Door

Installing a Garage door is very easy if you follow these simple instructions step by step.  While it is possible that you can install a garage door on your own, it is a difficult task and it is best left to the professionals. In all there are six simple steps we follow. Here is a general overview of the steps on how to install a garage door. Step 1: Get Rid of the Old Door

Removing the old door mainly requires unlatching the pulley system and to do away with panels. Remove the panels one by one as they could fall on you.

Step 2: Measure and Attach the Hinges/Handles

Measure the door opening height and width, the headroom and the back room. On both sides of the openings attach stops and lay the bottom piece of the garage door. Also attach the hinges and handles wherever required.

Step 3: Set the bottom Piece

Once the frame is set insert the bottom piece and properly set it. Tap the nails into the jamb. Slant the nails a bit to secure they are properly nailed.

Step 4: Install the rest of the Panels

Install the remaining piece over the previous one by hammering nails on it. Install the remaining hinges and repeat the process if any more panels are left.

Step 5: Install the Rollers

Once all the sections are perfectly installed, it’s time to install in the rollers. Place the Rollers in the track and be careful not to press them too tightly as it could damage the door because of the friction created between them.

Step 6: Securing the Tracks and Attaching the Springs

After the vertical tracks are in place install the curved and horizontal tracks. When all tracks are in position last thing is to assemble the spring. Lift the door with the help of someone and attach the springs to the pulley system. Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions while attaching the springs.

Follow these simple steps and you could install a Garage Door all by yourself without any help from a professional.

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