Types of Garage Door Openers

Having a garage basically means that there is a good chance that you will find your car in the same state that you parked it. However, it also means opening and shutting the garage door every time you park the car. To make this less of an inconvenience, there are several types of garage door openers from which you can choose one.

The most common garage doors in modern homes are the overhead sectional doors, which move vertically and require minimal space for installation and operation. There are four opening systems that can be used on a typical overhead sectional garage door: belt drive, screw drive, chain drive and manual.

With the exception of the manual door opener, these systems employ an overhead travel path that pulls the door mechanically along its guides. When opening the garage doors, they move from a vertical position to the overhead open position. The operation is facilitated by a spring that takes the weight of the door away from the mechanical system.

Belt driven systems employ flexible belts to lift and drop the garage door when opening and closing respectively in a smooth operation. Chain drive systems operate the same way though they use a chain instead of a belt. Chain systems are the noisiest for home occupants, and are often found in strata garages where exterior where neighbors share walls. The opening and closing mechanism for screw drive systems operates along a steel rod.

They can also be noisy, though not to the extent of chain systems. They are also rare and expensive, but require no maintenance since they do not operate using a belt or a chain. These three garage door openers are driven by motors that can be operated by remote control or using a manual switch positioned next to the door.

When choosing a garage door opener system, you need to consider the noise levels, lifting speed of the motor, its power consumption and the inclusion of a backup battery.


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