Garage Door Maintenance Tips

Although most homeowners won’t give it a second thought, the garage door is one of the most utilized fixtures in any home. For this simple reason, routine maintenance will help to avoid costly repairs, or unfortunate door failure when it’s least convenient. While there are some moving and electronic parts that should be left in the care of professionals, these garage door maintenance tips will cover the basics.

A visual inspection is a fundamental part of maintenance. With the garage door closed, homeowners should inspect all moving parts to determine whether or not there are any components that are bent, loose, or otherwise damaged. Unusual sounds or intermittent binding during normal operation may also indicate malfunctioning parts. Any necessary repairs should be referred to a professional.

Rails, rollers, and hinges should all be secure and free from dust and debris. Lightly lubricating these parts with household oil will ensure continued performance and a long service life. The garage door should be in a closed or in a secure position before maintaining rails and rollers.

The garage door should be cleaned with mild detergent on a regular basis. Keeping the door free of dust and oil will ensure that moving parts aren’t contaminated, and that the door itself maintains a good finish.

For those homeowners with wooden doors, scraping and painting may be necessary from time to time. Prior to painting or refinishing, any visible gaps or cracks should be filled with an exterior caulk that is appropriate for the application.

Homeowners with metal garage doors should keep a watchful eye out for surface rust that will develop over time. A gentle sanding, followed by the application of spray-paint will help maintain any door panels with minor rust problems.

Annual maintenance for larger issues, combined with routine visual inspections will ensure homeowners that their garage door will have a long, healthy service life.


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