The Main Parts of An Overhead Garage Door

Garage doors are often the largest mobile parts of a home, and their maintenance depends on a deep understanding of the various parts that make the door. An overhead garage door for instance has multiple parts, some of which may seem minute but are very essential to the smooth function of the component.

Key parts of an overhead door should be working at all times, and if they fail the door may stop working, be slow or even go noisy. Some of these components include springs, which perform the heavy task of lifting a garage door. The best springs should be resistant to rust, and work efficiently without regular lubrication so that they last the longest time possible.

Rollers are also important parts of an overhead garage door, and they serve the task of guiding or directing the door as it slides either up or down. Quality rollers are those that will withstand the highest number of cycles, and help the door slide without noise.

The list as well includes drums, which work hand in hand with springs to maintain balance as the door opens or closes. Durable drums are normally made of aluminum, or perhaps any other material that is capable of supporting any weight of a garage door.

Cables are components of the overhead garage door which are connected to springs to aid in lifting the door. Quality cables are those that have been designed to provide support even in extreme elements, so that the door moves evenly at all times.

Bearing plates cannot be locked out from the list of garage door parts. They boost the torsion system, by providing support. The plates carry important brackets and end-bearings, which significantly reduce the amount of stress exerted on the motor, so that the door operates without noise and in a smooth manner.


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